Crank La Vache

YES, We're Still Crankin' (like a BOSS)

October 11, 2016

After much hiding under the preverbial rock of heavy development, an eager space bullet developer pops out from under his hidie hole. His goal, to once again deliver news to our lovely public regarding Development on Vox Machinae.

And the news is good, all around. Much has changed and evolved with the game since our last update on this very website. For one, we have a brand-spankin' new teaser trailer for all to feast on that some of our eagle-eyed twitter followers may already be familiar with.

Coming to Unite 2016 Showcase!

We will be showing off our latest multiplayer-focused build of Vox Machinae at this year's Unite Conference in just under a month. For those fellow Devs out there that are attending, we look forward to showing you the latest and catching up on all things video game. To the rest of our peeps out there, hang tight, we're working hard as always to get the game out there in glorious form just as soon as we can. See you next update (Don't worry, we'll be trying much harder to update the site from now on)!