All the action, without the microtransaction.

Take it Outside

Duke it out in glorious online multiplayer battles. Free-for-all deathmatch, team-based skirmishes, and scenarios such as convoy escort provide variety.

Lock and Load

Kit out your custom Grinder loadouts and head into the fray. Feel like stomping around in a heavy-plated giant? Done. Switch out for a more nimble light Grinder that can jet around the map with ease? No problem.


Industrial Operations

As a migrant worker trained to operate the ultimate in heavy machinery, you'll be sent to far away worlds to further the interests of your employer. Usually you blast rocks to uncover precious minerals; with all the corporate rivalry going on in the space-age wild west you get the feeling you'll be asked to blast the competition as well.


Dynamic Damage

Break through the enemy's armour plates and hull to expose the critical systems inside. Target weak points to do maximum damage, giving you the edge to survive.


Feel the Weight

Pilot a gargantuan, lumbering machine. Powered by a physics simulation, you will feel each footstep stomping into the ground. See how the forceful impact of your weapons causes a reaction on enemies.

Make it Your Own

With an array of devastating weapons from lasers and chainguns to missiles and mortars, you'll find your ideal arsenal. Keep your Grinder more maneuverable, or attach extra armour plates that let you get up close and personal with the competition. Fine tune weapons and other components with upgrade modules to further customize them.