Windows With a View

Enter a new reality.

In Vox Machinae, your Grinder's cockpit is your home away from home. A lovingly detailed interior will make you forget about the real world and accept your new life as a rugged Grinder pilot.

Its form may be nice, but this cockpit is also fully functional. Playing in VR, you can grab the controls to take command and rain down fiery destruction on your enemies.

Feel your machine come to life as you turn the ignition key and the blast shield creaks open. Work the throttle and steering to maneuver, and grab the jump jet stick to take to the skies.

Discernable Destruction

No health bars needed. Vox Machinae's damage and destruction system allows you to quickly assess damage and target an enemy's weak points.


Superb Sound

From the panic-inducing clanks of minigun fire impacting your hull to the satisfying thud of every footstep you take, Vox Machinae will keep your ears in auditory bliss. For headphone users, binaural spatialization wraps the audible world around you. Vox Machinae also supports speaker setups from stereo to surround.

An emotional and dynamic 80’s-inspired synthy soundtrack sets the pace to all the action. It adjusts perfectly to match gameplay situations at hand. Hear melodies swell as you mount a last-ditch run with your allies, or the looming danger beats of being heavily outnumbered deep into enemy territory.

Computer Comrade

The AI keeps those solitary space-blues away, in addition to having many practical functions that you will come to rely on such as informing you of mission objectives and updates. Upon arriving on a new planet you'll know the atmospheric conditions, as well as any environmental hazards. In combat, the AI provides essential information such as warnings, damage reports, and pointing out enemy weak points. Outside of missions, you can count on the AI for pilot training and the occasional joke.

AI Buddy