Everywhere is your stomping ground.

Welcome to Topaz

Ambient temperature: 341 Kelvin. Just one of many hostile alien worlds you could find yourself dropped onto in Vox Machinae.

With natural beauty, naturally comes deadly hazards. Scorching sun, blinding dust storms, acid rain, and winding caverns are just some of the dangers awaiting you.

Thoughtfully hand-designed maps start as low-detail models, and are then intelligently transformed into gorgeous highly-detailed worlds by a one-of-a-kind procedural texturing and deformation system.

Your AI Companion

The AI keeps those solitary space-blues away, in addition to having many practical functions that you will come to rely on such as informing you of mission objectives and updates. Upon arriving on a new planet you'll know the atmospheric conditions, as well as any environmental hazards.

In combat, the AI provides essential information such as warnings, damage reports, and pointing out enemy weak points.

Outside of missions, you can count on the AI for pilot training and the occasional joke.

Scorching Good Time

Serpent Plains

Take a stroll through the plains, as the scorching sun beats down and distant dust storms loom menacingly. This region is home to the largest meteor impact across all of Topaz, perfect for taking cover behind, or perching ontop of dominantly.

Electric Blues

Topaz Twilight

Meet the dark side of Topaz, bathed in never ending twilight. This region has a nasty reputation for downing airships with its electricly-charged spires. If you're not too careful, they might just send your control systems spinning.

Drop Some Acidium-bound Grinders

Acidium Lakebed

Explore all the highs and lows Talc has to offer with its hazy lakebeds and growth-capped mountaintops. Its deep tunnel networks are perfect for masking a flank, but take care not to get caught if the tide rises.

Is There an Echo in the Building? No, just Giant Worms

Blast Chamber

Millions of years of intense acid fall have carved out a quaint and spacious home for once-dominant lifeforms. If you listen closely, you might still hear the rumble of creatures burrowing deep within the soil.