Enter a new reality.

Windows With a View

Your New Home

Your Grinder's cockpit is your home away from home. A lovingly detailed interior will make you forget about the real world and accept your new life as a rugged Grinder pilot. Like a mullet, it's all business in the front, but a party in the back. Take a nap in the bunk while you wait for an interplanetary transfer, or check the computer between missions.

Be the Pilot

Vox Machinae is built from the ground up to be a stunning virtual reality experience. Aim where you look: Your Grinder's weapons systems will track with your head. Check yourself out: A virtual body and realistic real-time reflections add an undeniable sense of presence to the VR experience. Speed matters: Highly optimized for smooth VR performance.

YOU Control the Action

With full motion controller support, you're in total control of a massive war machine. Start'er up with a twist of the ignition keys, and get out when it's too hot using the ejection handles! Operate the throttle, steering, and various vital informational monitors to personalize your playing experience.

How it FEELS

Feel everything from the weight of each footstep, to the bleeps of your cockpit’s readouts informing you of your combat status. The cockpit shakes and audibly creaks not only from your actions, but from reactions to enemy fire and collisions with the alien worlds around you. See massive planetary landscapes teeming with hazards and beauty, just outside your virtual window panes.

Music to My Ears

Whether its the panic-inducing clanks of minigun fire impacting your hull or the satisfying thud of every footstep you take, Vox Machinae will keep your ears in auditory bliss. We've engineered the game to take full advantage of binaural cues so you can hear the virtual world around you.

An emotional and dynamic 80’s-inspired synthy soundtrack sets the pace to all the action. It adjusts perfectly to match gameplay situations at hand. Hear melodies swell as you mount a last-ditch run with your allies, or the looming danger beats of being heavily outnumbered deep into enemy territory.