Meet interesting people and punch them in the cockpit.

Duke it out in glorious online multiplayer battles. Free-for-all deathmatch, team-based skirmishes, and scenarios provide variety.

Throw your weight around and take advantage of the physics simulation powering Vox Machinae to get the drop on your enemy, literally.

Break through the enemy's armour plates and hull to expose the critical systems inside. Target weak points to do maximum damage, giving you the edge to survive.

Everywhere is your stomping ground.

Vox Machinae brings you a variety of settings on which to engage in machine warfare. From arid desert worlds to swampy caverns, you can see it all.

With natural beauty, naturally comes deadly hazards. Scorching sun, blinding dust storms, acid rain, and winding caverns are just some of the dangers awaiting you.

Each contested planet is rich with minerals, and mining outposts dot the landscape. Competing corporations want those minerals too, so get ready for a fight.