Welcome to the Grind.

Be the Pilot

Enter your Grinder: Seven times the size of a T-Rex and fitted with your choice of weaponized mining equipment, this retrofitted mechanical beast is your key in defending your company's resources, and sending your enemies back to space.

Meet the crew

All-New Campaign

Begin your adventure as the newest recruit to Horizon Corporate's Security Team. Explore a rich, fully-voiced story mode, complete with a colourful cast of characters, as you investigate a series of strange attacks on your company's mining operations.

Be there in VR

Travel to distant planets from the comfort of your living room or computer chair. Vox Machinae is available on Quest 2, and has full VR support on Oculus Rift and PC modes.



Multiplayer Madness

Team up with friends and strangers alike for a chaotic and scrappy battles with upto 16 players. Seven maps, seven Grinders to choose from, and loads of heavy weaponry for the maximum amount of madness

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