Epic Singleplayer Campaign

Welome on Board, Rookie

You're the newest recruit to Horizon Corporate's security team! Without any serious dangers or pirates, Security's job is limited to quiet patrols. But when your crew comes under attack from mysterious enemy grinders, everything begins to change…


Steely Gaze

Introducing BLUE

BLUE is a personal AI assigned to miners in order to ensure they are meeting their daily quotas. When you are reassigned to work in the Security Unit, BLUE has a challenge ahead of her to adapt to your new working conditions. In combat, BLUE provides key information, such as damage reports, weapon status, and other directions.

Meet the Crew

Meet the crew


Jess is a member of the Horizon Security Team. She has a reputation for charging into the heat of battle, and often butts heads with Frank. Voice: Aria DeMaris


Frenchie is an experienced security pilot working with ProExtractors, Horizon's rival corporation. Voice: Sunny Patel


Frank is the Security Commander with Horizon Corporate. He is cautious and prefers to avoid situations that involve danger or injury. Voice: Adam Varah


Chef Yasahiro is your on-board culinary expert, crafting nutritious meals for the crew wherever the dropship is stationed. Voice: Keong Sim


Neberu is the long-suffering corporate liaison for the Security team. She spends her time relaying commands between the Security team and head office. Voice: Francesca Meaux


Hans is your engineer on board the Competence. He and takes care of most mechanical issues on the ship. Voice: James Smillie


Shahin is the captain of the Horizon Corporate dropship, the Competence. He has years of experience under his belt, and plenty of stories to tell. Voice: Taher Chy


Diesel is Hans's robot assistant who works at his side in the Engine room.

Superb Sound

From the panic-inducing clanks of minigun fire impacting your hull to the satisfying thud of every footstep you take, Vox Machinae will keep your ears in auditory bliss.

An emotional and dynamic 80’s-inspired synthy soundtrack is perfectly matched to every moment in the story.

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