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Busting out of Early Access

May 13, 2022

Well, we’re finally out of early access and can now truly be called a V1.0 product, at least by Steam’s standards. Even though our campaign update was released well over a month ago, we took our time pushing the button for several reasons: We wanted to include trading cards as well as releasing several patch updates that helped iron out some of the rougher edges. So here it is, out there for all to bask in its final glory.

What's Coming Next

Though the game has finally received its stamp of v1.0 finality, we’re really only just getting started with our post-release roadmap. Our first content update is coming soon, and here’s just a few sneak peak highlights of what to expect when that drops:

HoverBrawl 2.0

boom stick

Think of this as a brand new take on the concept; featuring completely redesigned gameplay mechanics driven by a renewed focus on making it the most fun mode of the game. Teams will now be able to tether to the ball and become carriers, hauling it with them to destroy enemy factories with its payload.

Robo Avatars

is there an echo in the building!?

No longer confined to the shackles of a human body, skilled players who’ve completed either the campaign or several key components of Multiplayer will be granted the joys of embodying the robo lifestyle. Bragging rights - > guaranteed.

New A.I. Buddy

boom stick

A familiar face from the campaign is coming over to Multiplayer. Those who’ve completed the campaign will get to experience the new boss in town, complete with its own unique dialogue for all things multiplayer. What’s more, all contextual dialog for your assistants has been expanded with new dialog variety.

Quality of Life Extras

is there an echo in the building!?

Small but handy updates and fixes litter all the best corners of this content update, as per usual of a quality VOX release. Of particular note, intermission shortcuts have been added to further streamline gameplay flow for those folks looking to get into the next bit of action quickly without sacrificing storyline.

...And after that?

Woah there, slow down, partner! We can’t just go spilling the proverbial beans all over the counter like some cheap… beans. We got a lot of new and interesting stuff coming to VOX as we continue to expand and improve the game well beyond its V1.0 badging, now’s just not the time to get into that. We’ll be working to improve communicating new and interesting changes more proactively going forward, so all you wonderful people can start to appreciate a more consistent stream of info from us.