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Our Big Bang Update is Live!

Nov 30, 2022

With 2022 slowly coming to an end, team Space Bullet have decided to kick things up with a bang. Today we’re releasing our Big Bang Update for Vox Machinae, and boy-oh-boy it’s a doozie. First of all we got 5 new weapons, yes indeed it’s the most new arsenal we’ve ever crammed into a single content update. Next we’ve overhauled our grinder and weapon selection menus to provide useful info and stats for your decision-making convenience. Finally we took some time to rework our physics interaction systems as well as solving some of the odd network connectivity issues folks were seeing. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what’s shiny and new today in Vox Machinae:

New Weapons

boom stick

Rain hellfire on unsuspecting campers. They better run once they start hearing the coming onslaught of boom.

is there an echo in the building!?

This close cousin of the minigun trades spread for range, to provide a low-heat suppression option for lighter grinders.

boom stick

Say hello to the minigun's big brother. Slow to get going but if you're anywhere near it, watch out once it does!

is there an echo in the building!?

Lay down aerial mines that trigger with the slightest movement within their proximity.

boom stick

This big beauty is like the dumbfire, hard-hitting and precise version of Hammer you never knew you needed.



boom stick

Ever since our V1.0 release back in March, Physics has behaved a bit differently from what it was in Early Access. While we feel it has mostly maintained the spirit of the game, it’s essentially a different physics engine and this switch was necessary for Quest 2. Simply put there were areas where we knew we’d have to live with concessions because of time constraints. With our Big Bang Update we’ve basically reworked most of how grinders interact, diving into the weeds of all the values, interactions, damage models and coming out the other end with a much sturdier simulation. You can read all about the changes on our Discord Server here.

Menu Changes

is there an echo in the building!?

With great new weapons come great menu responsibilities! We’ve refreshed both the grinder and weapon selection menus in an effort to provide much needed info and stats to both. In addition to general fuzzy bar graphs comparing stats, we endeavored to include some pros/cons for each kit to help newer players make informed decisions. We also added category corner icons to denote grinder classes as well as weapon categories in their respective menus.

In Conclusion

Rounding out this year, we’re thrilled to keep being able to bring you folks the evolving state of play within Vox Machinae. We’re grateful for all your support, and we’re excited to get started on the next evolutionary steps our stompy bot game will make in the coming year!