Version 1.0 Anniversary

Mar 10, 2023

So here we are, a full year since Space Bullet launched Vox Machinae v1.0 on Quest 2 with all its juicy gameplay plus a singleplayer campaign full of goodness for everyone. It’s been a wild year both for the game and us as developers. As I hope you can see by the many quality content releases since the V1.0 edition, let alone the nearly half-decade of updates that predate V1.0, VOX is ever evolving. So to jog our memories here’s some highlights of VOX’s evolution over the past year that continues to uphold its standing as THE giant stompy bot game for VR:

Highlights of 2022

Nov 30, 2022

Big Bang Update

Our latest content update is live. VOX now has 5 new weapons, better physics, and much more.

an explosive release

Jun 29, 2022

Football + Explosions

Our Hoverbrawl 2.0 Update is live, soccer/grinder fans rejoice!

foot loose

Feb 24, 2022

VOX + Quest2 = March 03

That's right, VOX is heading to Quest 2 and comming real soon...

shocking reveal

And that's just the start...

It’s no secret team Space Bullet likes its SECRETS🔗, and we’ll be keeping them for just a short little while longer but bare with me as I leave you with this. Our next update is shaping up to be a beast and marks a major shift for the VOX experience, and naturally we’re very excited to start talking about it soon. So keep an ear to the ground for the inevitable day we simply can’t remain silent, especially on our DISCORD🔗 where we tend to drop tasty breadcrumbs of reveals, and especially next week for some community goodness.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Finally a big warm ❤ thanks to our community of wonderful players who continue to give VOX meaning well beyond its initial inception. Your enthusiasm, wicked competitive leagues, gameplay thoughts and general kindness has helped foster an enduring special place for us to keep making VOX better. Oh and VOX is getting better soon.. much better, so stay tuned!