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Hostile Conditions Update

Aug 17th, 2023

Beat the summer heat with today’s release of VOX’s Hostile Conditions Update. Now you’re in full control of where, when, and in what weather condition to battle it out in multiplayer. Sneak through the clouds during an overcast night on Serpent Plains or brave a frigid snowstorm on cryptic tundra. Weather and time of day will play a huge factor in your team’s plans for battlefield dominance, so strap in today and experience VOX like never before. Here are some highlights of what Hostile Conditions brings to the table:

New Features

Weather Conditions

getting chilly

Weather has been revamped, challenging players to rethink vertical gameplay with these new battle conditions across all levels:

Grinder Lighting

let there be lights

In light of all the new ToD and weather conditions, our trusty roster of grinders needed to be visible and provide fairness for identifying other players. Grinders will now have lights on them and headlamps will illuminate a player’s surroundings. Grinder lights will also be team-coloured, for more balanced visibility of all team colours across all the new condition options.

Time of Day

Tick Tock

All levels will now be playable across sunrise, day, dawn, and night times of day. Each new ToD offers unique colour palettes and visibility features, as well as background art and animated sunlight that changes as you cross between variable visibility.

Selectable Boundaries

inny minny minny moe

VOX’s level play choices expand further with players now able to pick and choose where to battle. There are Small, Medium and Large play regions to choose from across all our multiplayer maps.

Serpent Plains, Enhance!

supersize me

This fan-favorite small map receives a big enlargement to become one of our largest levels. Serpent faithfuls fear not, though! Thanks to the above bounds feature, players can now choose from many regions within Serpent plains including both old and new play spaces.

Goldrush’s Cowcatcher

ram it up

Goldrush’s cowcatcher is now completely removable with a separate damage readout indicating its health to the player. It also shows some coloured striping just outside a player’s cockpit so they will know if either one or both layers have been destroyed.

And the Fun Continues...

This update has been very long in the works here at Space Bullet, twisting those virtual knobs to dial things in just right has been a journey. Many core systems were altered to facilitate these dynamic weather changes in this hostile conditions update. So after the inevitable nips and tucks that such big releases demand in their wake, we’ll be ducking our heads back out of the spotlight to tend to some longer term goals for the company. We might even pop onto some matches to see where things are sitting with folks, who knows! Above all we look forward to hearing the reception of these major changes, so be sure to share your thoughts over on our DISCORD SERVER🔗