All Decked Out

Decked Out Update

V1.4.0 - What's New and Improved


boom stick

Decker, aka "Salvage, Dicer, or Last Boss," has never been player-controllable, till NOW! we’re putting you in the hot seat of this beauty. Here's a taste of what Decker will bring to the table:

Mount Damage +

boom stick
  • Grinder damage readouts screens now show mount health.
  • Disabled mounts will point down. This is visible from both the cockpit and outside.
  • Made it more clear to others when a mount has been disabled with additional FX.
  • Mount health has been balanced across all grinders and mount types.

Story Bubbles

Bubbles Everywhere

To improve intermission quest clarity, We're adding floating bubbles next to character's heads who's conversations progress story threads both critical and minor. There will be bubbles to differentiate between major or minor quests, and ones to show that a character needs an item before the story can proceed.

Story Skip

Bubbles Everywhere

This is for those who just wants to dive into the action without the intermission stuff. We now present a clear skip option before each intermission except the 1st one (so players can still learn how to move around for the briefings).

Quest 3 Improvements

Bubbles Everywhere

Terrain Textures

Quest 2 was a bit limited on how much it could handle textures rendered offscreen. Quest 3 allows us to kick things up one significant notch while also decreasing the time it takes before popping that lovely detailing in front of your grinder.

Render Resolution

Let's just crank this dial up and see how high we can go, shall we? Oh neat, we can actually feed a much higher resolution to those sharp panels, and things are still working nicely .

MSAA x2 -> x4

This one is a bigger deal than the techie title makes it out to be. Essentially, we can better sample edge detailing, with the best part being that the game shows better semi-transparent effects such as smoke, debris, and explosions.

"Sprinkle" Details

Another standout feature we had disabled in the port from PCVR to Quest2 were the little rocks/shrubs/stuff scattered all around VOX's levels. It was just too much geometric complexity for it to handle along with everything else being crammed into such a tiny package. Quest3 ups the performance ante, so let the sprinkling begin once more!

Cockpit Glass

Yep you read that right, we finally got the PC version’s glass to work well enough on Quest3 to include it. Now if only we had enough extra juice to include the cracked effects, well there’s always next time!

12 Bot Match

chuck this one in the “nice to have” slot. Now on Quest 3, players can play with upto 12 grinders in offline practice matches. More chaos is now possible!

In Concusion

So another jam-packed VOX release, including some quality of life and Quest3 platform improvements. We're so thrilled to finally be able to round out our original core vision for the grinder roster, and can't wait to hear about all the unique ways Decker is changing the game.